Nouveau morceau pour Grimner


Grimner sort le second morceau extrait de leur prochain album Frost Mot Eld, « Midgård Brinner » !

Grimner releases the second track extracted from the upcoming album Frost Mot Eld, « Midgård Brinner » !

 » Brothers and Sisters!

It is time to release the second single « Midgård Brinner » from our upcoming album « Frost Mot Eld »! The song tells the story of when the sons of Oden and Surt meet on mortal ground in the land of men, as human homes are scorched by the fire of Muspelheim. With a steady drum beat, catchy melody and a mixture of vocal types, we hope you enjoy this track. The artwork made by Jan Yrlund (Darkgrove) depictures the burned grounds that the sons of Surt leave behind.

You can also get the track at Amazon, iTunes etc.

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With Tor’s Megin!  »

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