The Sidh prépare un nouvel album !

The Sidh prépare actuellement son nouvel album et annoncera des nouvelles dates live pour la France, l’Espagne, la Suisse et la Belgique à la fin du mois ! Par ailleurs, le groupe sortira son premier livre musical cette année. Pour vous en donner un aperçu, le magazine Modern Piping – Lincoln Hilton a partagé deux titres du groupe.

SIDHERS!  we are alive!

Yes, we are writing the new album! A lot of music is coming for this 2020! 🎶

Our tour? we will publish some dates at the end of this month! 🇫🇷 🇨🇭 🇧🇪 🇪🇸
Looking forward to see ya all!! 

There are many news for this new Year, one is the will to publish our first #MusicBook!!!!
And to give you a little advance, the Modern Piping – Lincoln Hilton magazine has published two songs from our repertoire, together with those of the largest Bagpipers in the world.
Get your copy clicking on the lInk! 

We can’t wait to see you all!
Big love

Iain, Sal, Mike & Fede

Volume 17 is out! 🎵

We finally cover our most requested topic yet! This book gives the rundown on producing, software & at-home studio setup! We also bring you music from the successful band The SIDH!

Bagpipe music, tutorials and features in Vol. 17:

Tune List ✍️:
Modern Piping – Lincoln Hilton – Veni Vidi Vici, Written in Stone, The Cherry Tree Anthem
Alisdair McLaren – Flying Flynn, the Playground King, The Man from Wick on Bondi Beach, Strength Within
Scott Wallace – Leaving Lorient, Rory Johnston, Vanilla
Bruce Gandy – 78th Highlanders Welcome to the Queen Victoria, Chisholm Belle, Jimmy Brogan’s Drouthy Cronies, Miss Brittney’s Celebration, Duncan’s Welcome to Aberlour
Dougie McCncee – The Arran Mist, The Stand Down, The Bruised Fingers, The Green Room
Alex Gandy – D.M Ken Misch, Mrs. Carla Elliott
The SIDH – Heros, Iridium with Iain Alexander Marr
Ciaren Ross – Jennifer’s Wedding Waltz

Congratulations Liam Nicolson on winning the Tune Submission competition, learn Liam’s great 2 parted 6/8 march “The Victorian Youth Pipe Band’s Welcome to Belfast”!

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