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Enisum [EN]

Hi Lys ! First of all, could you introduce the band, explain the name « Enisum » and the appellation « Arpitanian Black Metal » ?

Hi, Enisum is my musical project born in 2006 as one man band. After 5 self-produced works limited to a few copies in 2014 with the album Samoth Nara, Enisum’s live activity began with the first full album and the inclusion in the band of Leynir on bass, Dead Soul on drums and Epheliin (only for some studio recordings).

The name Enisum is the name written contrary to the mountain Musinè located in Valle di Susa, near my house. it is a mysterious mountain, rich in legends and mysteries and esotericism.

I define the music of Enisum with the Arpitanian Black Metal Term because the lands where I live, in the past they were called Arpitane lands. It seems right to me to give an identification and belonging to one’s roots.

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Dwarrowdelf [EN]

Hi Tom, can you introduce yourself and specify where does the name « Dwarrowdelf » come from ?

I’m Tom, I run Dwarrowdelf! I picked the name after finishing my first EP, « Of Darkened Halls » – the lyrics for the three songs on that release were all about Tolkien’s Dwarves, so I wanted the name to continue the theme. Dwarrowdelf is another name for the famous underground realm of Moria in the Fellowship of the Ring.

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Vermilia [ENG]

First of all, how would you introduce your project for people who don’t know you yet ? Well First of all Hello to everyone and thank you for doing the interview with me.

I am Vermilia and coming from Finland. Simpliest way to describe my music is Scandinavian Pagan Metal. Musically it’s a mix of Pagan Black Metal and scandinavian melodies with clean, raw and melancholic vocal harmonies sang in my native language. Lyrically themes are poems about the Life, death and nature. Continuer la lecture de Vermilia [ENG]