Sylvaine : reprise de Slowdive

Sylvaine reprend « Falling Ashes », initialement interprété par Slowdive !

Slowdive(band) is one of my all time favorite bands. Their music is so rich, full of beautiful melodies, aquatic textures and atmosphere, uplifting emotions, yet always colored by a touch of melancholy. The last time I did a couple of Slowdive covers live, it was a very special moment for me. Now I am back with my own arrangement of the song « Falling Ashes », from their 2017 album « Slowdive ». Often with me in moments of reflection and contemplation, now seemed like a perfect moment to make my humble rendition of this song. It warms my heart and breaks it all at once, always balancing out the nostalgic, bittersweet and beautiful feelings of past stories told. Please take good of each other care out there

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