Sigurboði : nouveau morceau

Sigurboði dévoile « Kyrrð » extrait de son prochain album Kvæðamaðr qui paraîtra cet automne.

Sigurboði unveils « Kyrrð » extracted from his upcoming album Kvæðamaðr which will be released Q3 this year.

In Nordic cultures it was important to let the Landwights (Spirits of the Land) know that you were doing a Blót, a ritual to the Gods. If they see an unusual ritual going on they simply do their job, they protect the land. Kyrrð is a prayer asking all beings to witness you, and the four dwarves holding up the sky to look upon you, asking for their protection by calling out the rune Algir ᛉ. If the dwarves at the edge of the world are looking upon you then so must the Landwights. Chanting Kyrrð can be vital to the success of your Blót.

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