Nouvelles infos pour le concert de Sojourner

Le bassiste de Sojourner, Mike Wilson, viendra spécialement de Nouvelle-Zélande et sera finalement présent pour le premier concert du groupe à Glasgow le 26 avril prochain ! Le groupe sera ainsi au complet pour leur première !

Sojourner sera également accompagné de trois musiciens invités : Gerda Garu Gūtmane au piano, Jenny Messenger à la flûte et au tin whistle, et Scotty Lodge à la troisième guitare.

Pour rappel, le groupe jouera 90 minutes et interprétera la majorité des morceaux de son premier album Empires of Ash et de son nouvel album à venir (plus d’informations à ce sujet très prochainement).

Pour rappel, les billets sont disponibles sur ce lien :

 » Who’s coming to the gig in April ? Because we’ve got some great news…

Our bassist, Mike Wilson, is making a trip out from New Zealand specially for the show ! We all agreed that if this is the first time that we’re playing together live that we should all be there if we can. So Mike has made a huge commitment to come out to the UK for the gig and now the full band will be present for the debut show in Glasgow on the 26th of April ! This definitely makes it a special night for us, and possibly the only time we’ll have the full band on stage together like this for the foreseeable future.

We’ll also be joined by three other special guests to help fill out the lineup : Gerda Garu Gūtmane on piano/keys, Jenny Messenger on tin whistle/flute, and Scotty Lodge on third guitar.

We’ll be playing a full 90 minute set, which will cover almost every track from ‘Empires of Ash’ as well as our new album (more info on that soon).

Don’t forget that tickets are still available from for both this pre-show and the festival itself. These are limited though, and they’re selling at a decent rate already, so make sure you get in soon because once the capacity is reached there unfortunately won’t be any more tickets available.

Hope to see you there ! « 

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