Dynfari : sortie de Myrkurs er þörf reportée

La sortie de Myrkurs er þörf de Dynfari est reportée au 18 septembre au lieu du 22 mai (date indiquée sur Bandcamp).

UPDATE: A new release date for « Myrkurs er þörf » is set on September 18th. Both the delay itself and technical issues have resulted in some conflicting information online regarding the actual release date, resulting in some confusion. We confirm that September 18th is the date – so please ignore any other dates that might appear, for example on Bandcamp, due to these issues.

Speaking of Bandcamp, next Friday (May 1st) they will be waiving their revenue share to help artists and labels affected by the pandemic, meaning on that day the usual Bandcamp cut will go straight to the bands and their labels. We encourage those that would like to pre-order the album to do it next Friday to support us even further! Those who pre-order will have their copy of the album shipped with considerable advance before the official release date.

Thank you for your patience in these trying times, and brace yourselves for the release of « Myrkurs er þörf » on September 18th!

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