Formed in 1996, Znich is one of the pillars of the Belarussian Metal scene and was announced for the next edition of the Ragnard Rock Festival. They released and EP in June, Slova Ziamli.

As fairly often done, the first track is an instrumental but “Golas” doesn’t simply stand as an introduction. It’s a real and very immersive composition with celestial melodies. And this is something we hear again in the next eponymous song along with a superb riff right from the beginning.

More generally, the tracks are elaborated and efficient, the patterns are interesting, heavy but not tedious and the traditional instruments such as duda and flutes have their place.

That said I frown regarding the keyboards. Much as their melodies enhanced the two first tracks, they were only average most of the time. In “Zorka”, it’s not a success. The song itself is not bad but it’s not the best thing that’s been done.

As for Ales, he stayed true to himself and did a good job at the singing. He breaks his routine of growling in “Dunayu” in which he mainly sings in clear voice. Incidentally, lyrics seem to be at the heart of the composition.

Bit by bit, I felt there was a special atmosphere through these songs, and even if it has its own limits, we don’t really feel oppressed by it, nor locked up. And here is all the success of the EP to me. I hope the forthcoming album will be good as well.



  1. Golas
  2. Slova Ziamli
  3. Zorka
  4. Payasy
  5. Dunayu

Rating: 7.5/10

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