Les sorties du jour [15/05/2020]

Iku-TursoPakana (Wolfspell Records)

Pakana, our second album, is available now.

Let the Pagan fires burn bright and join us on an epic journey through the mythical woods and swamps of ancient Kainuu.

Our Bandcamp (MC, LP sold out, some copies re-stocked soon):

CD, LP, MC out through Wolfspell Recordshttps://wolfspell.pl/


Midnight Odyssey/Igric/Aeon WindsArdorem (Wolfspell Records)

Old Corpse RoadOn Ghastly Shores Lays the Wreckage of Our Lore (TrollZorn Records)

UprisingII (Wolfsgrimm Records)

« II » is out today. All preorders until yesterday evening have been shipped, except for orders from the US and Canada. Currently there is no way for me to ship it there. But they are packed and will go out as soon as shipping is possible again.

Thanks for you understanding and thank you all for your support.

Please enjoy and come up with ideas to make this world a better place for everyone while doing so:

Wolves DenMiserere (TrollZorn Records)

SparksA Steady Drip, Drip, Drip (BMG)

The wait is over! 
A STEADY DRIP, DRIP, DRIP is finally out!!

Stream or download the album now:

The album is available on vinyl, CD, and cassette on July 3rd. AND, if you pre-order a copy from the Sparks Store, you will receive a digital download of the album today! 🎶

HornMohngang (Iron Bonehead Productions)


This Friday marks the release of Horn’s 8th full-length album. « Mohngang » revolves around the concept of autonomy/heteronomy in the context of the present day and a past war, encompassing classic & unusual themes such culinary (« Satt scheint der Sud der Tat ») & maritime (« Upstream canals, a ship’s bell sounds ») aspects as well as homages to musical roads taken (« Vom Tribock hohl geschossen ») and to the nordic insitutions that have left a mark on Horn (« Ødegård und Pendelschlag »).
My deepest regards go out to the people that played an active role in shaping the album, namely Timon Kokott Art-WorkWÆIK & View From The Coffin for their grand visual designs, Lestaya for providing the very outer pillars of Mohngang, Forcas, Franco Forte & D. for the instrumental parts I’d rather outsource to a professional than record myself, Iron Bonehead Productions for platform, guidance & « getting things done »and of course my live ensemble consisting of Franco Forte, D. and F.
Sadly, « Mohngang » appears in a time of distress, leading to the cancellation of all live events that we were much looking forward to and were certainly necessary for the proper promotion of the new output. Nonetheless, your support has been overwhelming, I truly thank buyers and supporters for taking their time for « Mohngang » despite the virus & the many questionable measures taken with regards to its prevention.

Runespell/Forest MysticismWandering Forlorn (Iron Bonehead Productions)

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