Des nouvelles du prochain album d’Omnium Gatherum !

Voici la pochette du prochain album d’Omnium Gatherum, The Burning Cold, qui pour rappel sortira le 31 août prochain chez Century Media.

Omnium Gatherum unveil the artwork of the upcoming album The Burning Cold which will be released on August 31st by Century Media.

Tracklist :

  1. The Burning​​
  2. Gods Go First​​
  3. Refining Fire​​
  4. Rest In Your Heart​​
  5. Over The Battlefield​​
  6. The Fearless Entity​​
  7. Be The Sky​​
  8. Driven By Conflict​​
  9. The Frontline​​
  10. Planet Scale​​
  11. Cold​

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