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Vermilia [ENG]

First of all, how would you introduce your project for people who don’t know you yet ? Well First of all Hello to everyone and thank you for doing the interview with me.

I am Vermilia and coming from Finland. Simpliest way to describe my music is Scandinavian Pagan Metal. Musically it’s a mix of Pagan Black Metal and scandinavian melodies with clean, raw and melancholic vocal harmonies sang in my native language. Lyrically themes are poems about the Life, death and nature. Continuer la lecture de Vermilia [ENG]

Johan Rydberg (Grimner) [EN]

Answers by Johan Rydberg, flutes, mandola, bagpipes

– Hi Grimner ! Your third album Vanadrottning will be released in less than one month, can you describe it in some words ? I could listen to it and it sounds heavier than the previous ones, what do you think about it ?

Hi! Well, I would probably describe it as what you know and like about Grimner but even more refined and just a tad bit darker.
Yes, during the last album we really nailed the epic and melodic parts. For this release we wanted to go a little heavier and darker. So there is some more guitar rhythms driving a lot of the songs without lossing the melodies. Continuer la lecture de Johan Rydberg (Grimner) [EN]