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The Tossers – Smash the Windows [EN]

After bugging you for days with The Tossers, here’s what you should expect from their brand-new album “Smash the windows”!

The first feeling I had was that I was about to deal with a big baby of 17 songs and that I was going to have a lot on my plate. The problem is that a lot are short tracks and some of them don’t even exceed two minutes. I must admit this was not very encouraging given the kind of structure.

However, and fortunately, there are exceptions. Continuer la lecture de The Tossers – Smash the Windows [EN]

Jonne : Artwork du nouvel album révélé / Upcoming album’s artwork

Deux jours avant Noël, Jonne Järvelä de Korpiklaani a dévoilé la pochette de son prochain album, « Kallohonka ». Pour info, « Kallohonka » est l’arbre du monde Finlandais symbolisé par un pin surmonté d’un crâne d’ours afin que l’âme de celui-ci retourne là où elle est née, dans les cieux.

Two days before Christmas, Jonne Järvelä of Korpiklaani revealed the cover of his next album, « Kallohonka ». For the record, « Kallohonka » is the Finnish World’s Tree symbolized by the skull of a bear on a pine tree so that the soul of this one could go back to where it was born, in the skies.


Malgré une finalisation qui semble avoir pris du retard, la sortie est prévue pour bientôt en 2017. En attendant, Jonne n’a pas manqué de laisser quelques indices ici et là.

Despite a final shape that seems to have run late, the release date is planned for soon in 2017. Meanwhile, Jonne took care of letting some hints here and there.

En plus du line-up actuel plutôt imposant (ils sont 10) composé entre autres de Jan Rechberger (Amorphis), Toni Perttula (frère de Sami, accordéoniste de Korpiklaani) et de Yovan Nagwetch, ils pourront compter sur Ville Sorvali (Moonsorrow) comme invité!

In addition to the current and quite imposing line-up (they are 10) composed among others of Jan Rechberger (Amorphis), Toni Perttula (the brother of Sami, accordion player in Korpiklaani) and Yovan Nagwetch, they will count on Ville Sorvali (Moonsorrow) as a guest !


Après un premier album réussi (chronique ici) et le superbe clip de « Metsään on iäksi mieli » pour l’illustrer, on ne peut que trépigner d’impatience pour entendre ce que tout ça va donner.

After a first successful album (review here) that was illustrated by the amazing video of « Metsään on iäksi mieli », we can hardly wait to hear the result !

Retrouvez Jonne sur Facebook / Find Jonne on Facebook.


Finnish Folk Metal Mafia Part II – LES DOCKS DE LAUSANNE (Korpiklaani – Moonsorrow – Skálmöld) [EN]



Earlier this year, the super tour of Korpiklaani and Moonsorrow announced a second part for this fall. Mainly based on eastern countries, it stopped very close to France at the Docks of Lausanne in Switzerland and Gothmog and I were here. Continuer la lecture de Finnish Folk Metal Mafia Part II – LES DOCKS DE LAUSANNE (Korpiklaani – Moonsorrow – Skálmöld) [EN]

Interview of Heri Joensen – TYR (Iberian Warriors Festival 2016) [EN]

Photo: João Speedy Santos
Photo: João Speedy Santos


On the occasion of the Iberian Warriors Festival in Zaragoza last week (live report here), I had the opportunity and the honor to ask some questions to Heri Joensen from Tyr and also to take stock on the forthcoming album among other things. Continuer la lecture de Interview of Heri Joensen – TYR (Iberian Warriors Festival 2016) [EN]

Moonsorrow – Jumalten Aika [EN]


To be honest, I’ve only started to be into Moonsorrow quite recently. I preferred discovering them in concert during the “Finnish Folk Metal Tour” at Glasgow in April. I saw them again at the Ragnard Rock Festival this year and it made me want to have a closer look intheir last album Jumalten Aika. Continuer la lecture de Moonsorrow – Jumalten Aika [EN]