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鬼 (Unreqvited) crée un nouveau projet

Le multi-instrumentiste canadien 鬼, tête pensante d’Unreqvited, crée un nouveau projet de black metal dépressif plus sombre intitulé The Ember, The Ash. Le premier album Consciousness torn from the void paraîtra le 13 septembre prochain chez Avantgarde Music. Un premier extrait intitulé “He Who Wove to the Stars and Moons” a été dévoilé.

” Another announcement must be made during this hot summer. We are proud to be working with 鬼 once again, and after Unreqvited here comes a brand-new project from the Canadian multi-instrumentalist.

The Ember, The Ash is 鬼 darkest side in music, where fire stands for life and ashes stand for death. “Consciousness Torn From The Void” is a depressive black metal debut Avantgarde Music will be pleased to release on September 13th both on cd and wax.

Preorders are now open via our Bandcamp and hereunder you can listen to a whole brand-new track, thanks to Black Metal Promotion. “

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