Frosttide : Premier extrait du prochain album / First extract from upcoming album

“Fate Redefined” est le premier extrait du prochain album des finnois de Frosttide !

“Fate Redefined” is first extract from the upcoming album of finnish Frosttide !

Frosttide promo

“Blood Oath”

Tracklist :

1. Prologue
2. Blood Oath
3. Gates Of The Asylum
4. Fate Redefined
5. Traitor Within
6. Foreshadow
7. New Reign
8. Winds Of The Winter ́s Call
9. One Night In Bangkok (Murray Head-Cover)
10. Apache (The Shadows-Cover)

Pre-ORder :

Date de Sortie :  27 février chez Noise Art Record

Release Date : February 27th by Noise Art Record



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